Fully CNC machined and blueprinted block
Square and Deck
Align bored
Resize cylinders
  HRC Billet splayed main caps
Cola 4340 forged crankshaft, 3.750 stroke, internally balanced
  Crower 4340 forged connecting rods
  Wiseco custom forged pistons
  CompCam flat tappet, hydraulic camshaft
.464/.464 lift 268/276 duration

  GM cast iron heads, ported with 2.02 int. / 1.60 exh. Valves
  Stainless Steel Valves
  Comp Cam springs, retainers and locks
  Comp Cam magnum 1.5 roller rockers

  Static compression ration 8.6:1

  Mallory Sprint mag, magneto distributor
  Moroso 6 qt. wet sump oil system
  Polished Edelbrock valve covers
  Polished plated short water pump
  Chrome timing cover

  B & M 250 Supercharger set up for Dual Carburetors
  B & M Intake manifold
  BDS Aluminum Billet 6061 blower pulley setup

*****Complete build sheets will be supplied with purchase of engine*****

Selling Cost $11,995.00
Call Leo @ 603-742-8812

Helping a fellow friend out, listed are some parts for sale. Contact David for more information. 603-382-5210.

3 Brad Blocks
2 Hemi 526 3.75x375
Brad 5 Heads - All heads are fresh and have been ported and flowed
2 sets of rocker arms - 1 set Brad and 1 set T&D
Spare: rocker arms, hardware, adjusters, and push rods

Motor (out of car)
Mike Janis complete injector to pan
2 blade - Billet Hat with spray bar
Mike Janis blower hat and blower was $18,000 with extra pulleys
3 blower belts, Brad block 60mm Cam
3 runs on MPG rods and diamond pistons, total seal rings and bearings
Brad 5 heads with valve covers are fresh
Fuel system 2 stage fuel pumps, fuel cell and all, the hoses, fuel timer
ECM computer
Pumps - have flow numbers
Complete set of port jets, nearly every size
Bryant Crank - about 60 runs and has been x-rayed for cracks
3 sets of headers Blower bag with restrainer
Spare motor complete long block brad block small cam block has new
4 runs on MPG rods, bearings, diamond pistons, total seal rings
Has gear drive, cover, crank hub, lower pulley

Spare Parts
3 sets of lifters, extra new 60 mm camshaft and cam hub, crank hub
Spare head gaskets from .050 to .080
Extra brad block with 60 mm cam bore fresh
RCD blower belt guard, belt idler and adjuster
2 MSD 44 mags
2 points box
2 coils
2 power grids
2 offset mag drives
Caps, wires, plugs
Moroso 1 year old oil tank with hose and filter
2 oil pumps
Spare heads, studs and nuts
New set of rings, and used rings
Approximately 10 used pistons
Boxes of new main and rod bearings
Box of gaskets and burst panels
8 spare rods complete with pistons, pins, rings with bearings, ready to go
Piston installer, sleeve puller, spare sleeve
A minimum of 1 spare part or every part

Bellhousing Bruno Drive
3 speed Lenco
3 sets of gear sets
2 flywheels, 2 starters, Bruno drive spare bands, pump, and seals
Spare sprag, air pod bolts and bearings
Air shifting control box, air tank, all hoses, blanket, shifter
Mike Janis Coan converter
Everything needed to repair the transmissionre to add text.